About our company – R. Wegmann Trade

1. Second Hand Wholesale

Second hand in Europe - any used thing, a used car or a book or even clothes.

Second Hand as business
The most important facts in the development of Second-Hand business are:
- Economic prosperity of Europeans in the second half of the XX century, making it possible not only to buy old clothes, but also to exchange them for other things if necessary
- Culture that doesn’t allow it to throw away a good thing

Second Hand sorting system
House-, Container and School-Sorting

Sorted clothing
Clothing can be sorted by an attribute. For example: shirts, blouses, shorts, swimsuits, coats, jackets, trousers, skirts. This type of second-hand clothing is called ‘Sorting Second-Hand”.
Then clothes are sorted according to adults or children's clothes, in consideration of the season and packed.

Classification of Second Hand clothing in different quality categories
In the world there is no proper system or classification of Second-Hand clothing, but it is possible to identify the most commonly used types of categories:
STOCK - brand new clothing and shoes
LUX, EXTRA – used clothing but minimal signs of wear (almost new)
1st choice - not torn, not dirty, with a small percentage of consumption
2nd choice - often things that are not suitable for sale
3rd choice - Cleaning rags, cloths (if cotton - suitable for use in car washes, etc. )


2. Our experience

Solid, fair and social: Rudolf Wegmann Handel, Import – Export.
Our company has been dealing with the purchase and sale of used clothing, shoes and everyday items as well as fashion accessories since 1997. We always observe tendencies and trends on the market in the field of Second-Hand textiles. More than 15 years of work in the markets around the world have created a large circle of regular customers who trust in the quality of our services and goods.


Our Company premises for the goods receipt
Sorted goods Second Hand packed in bags for transport
Our sorting hall of the original product


3. Our Quality

When we sorting out second-hand goods, we pay particular attention to the quality of the old clothes. Our products are tested according to the strictest quality criteria - we select stylish, modern and resaleable old clothes, second-hand clothing and shoes for you.

The collection of original goods - second-hand raw material - takes place in affluent areas of Germany. We take great care of the assortment supplied in order to guarantee the highest quality of the articles we offer. Our sorting process is exclusively divided into two categories: the 1st choice and Creme / LUX / EXTRA. The sorted goods are neatly folded and packed into hygroscopic plastic bags of different weight according to the sorting position. We currently have more than 60 items in stock.


The goods item summer mix is prepared for sale
Folded sorted Sweater and Kids mix in bags
Our sorted Second Hand Position men’s Shirt schort sleeved



4. Our Delivery / Supply

We organize the loading of the goods and the clearance of the customs consignment notes in our factory in Germany. We take care of the document package for you:
1. Commercial invoice / Faktura
2. Loaditem statement (on request)
3. Sanitary certificate (rissian/german)
4. Clearance letter

“Your biggest advantage when buying second hand and remaining stock clothing in our factory is the ability to purchase products directly without intermediaries.
Our team is looking forward to successful cooperation with you and guarantees that the goods purchased from us will contribute to the positive development of your business.” 

Rudolf Wegmann